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Seca and Coach Tom Shaw Partner to Optimize Athlete Performance

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Seca and Coach Tom Shaw Partner to Optimize Athlete Performance seca (Hamburg, Germany), the global leader in medical measuring and weighing, and Coach Tom Shaw (Kissimmee FL), one of the top speed and performance coaches in the world, are pleased to announce a partnership to bring cutting edge medical body composition analysis to the elite athletes at Tom Shaw’s Training Program, located at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex. With the recent product launch of the seca medical Body Composition Analyzer (mBCA) 514, it is now the premiere body composition analyzer for all of Coach Shaw’s athletes training at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex. The seca mBCA will play a critical role in evaluating fat and muscle mass, providing segmental analysis of muscles to help define specific physiotherapy treatment, and monitor intracellular, extracelluar and total body water levels – all indicators to help determine if each athlete is properly hydrated. Coach Tom Shaw’s team of trainers and medical staff can easily make any necessary adjustments in their fitness and nutrition programs based on the individual needs of each athlete. Rikki Keen, the sports dietitian for Coach Shaw’s Program, stated, “Beyond offering an easy and quick method of analyzing body fat and lean mass over time, the most important improvement the seca mBCA provides me with is valuable data to focus on hydration, both extracellular and intracellular, measuring fluid shifts and overall hydration status for my athletes. Hydration guidelines are very individual, so I can further customize and educate each athlete based on these numbers by adjusting fluid intake, electrolytes and/or nutrients that may affect fluid shifts.” About seca seca, the global leader in medical measuring and weighing, offers healthcare providers advanced wireless technology and system solutions that go beyond height and weight. Based on over 170 years of quality German engineering, seca medical devices set the standard for innovation, design and reliability. On every continent, doctors and nurses in medical practices, hospitals and nursing homes rely on the high quality of seca’s medical scales and measuring systems.

For more information on the seca mBCA 514, visit: www.mBCA.seca.com. Press Contact: seca North America Adrienne Flores, Marketing Specialist 1-800-542-7322 Adrienne.Flores@seca.com



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